Trafficking Alert

The United States is one of the destination countries for human trafficking. Victims originate from nations such as Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Mexico and India. Victims are brought here to work in fields, sweatshops, homes, restaurants, motels, hotels, and brothels. Ending this slavery is everyone’s work.

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Sisters Against Trafficking – July Alert

July 30th is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. World Day Against Trafficking in Persons was designated by the United Nations General Assembly, December 2013.

“Every country must join together to overcome this transnational threat by supporting and protecting victims while pursuing and prosecuting the criminals. Let us resolve to act as one in the name of justice and dignity for all.” – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

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Human Trafficking – June Alert

“It is not possible to remain indifferent before knowledge that human beings are bought and sold like goods. I think of the adoption of children for the extraction of their organs, or women deceived and forced to prostitute themselves, of workers exploited and denied their rights of a voice. This is human trafficking.”  – Pope Francis


May Alert – Human Trafficking Awareness

Human Trafficking and Sporting Events

Traffickers are opportunistic hunters and see major sporting events, and the thousands of people who flock to sports venues, as an opportunity for huge profits with little risk of penalty or punishment. Human trafficking is a business, and traffickers will take advantage of what they perceive to be good business opportunities-including national and international sporting events.

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U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking