Holy Mass – The Transforming Work of God

St. John Vianney said, “All the good works together are not equal to the sacrifice of the Mass, because they are the works of men whereas the holy Mass is the work of God.” At Mass we do not rely on our own power as if we are showing God our good work. In fact we are open to the power of God active in the Sacrament.

As we make an offering of ourselves to God, we let our sacrifice be united to the perfect sacrifice of Christ. Our sacrifice then acquires a new dimension of value and meaning. Through the offering of our self sacrifice, Christ transforms us in His Love.

Mass is not a celebration of our own work or even of the work of a local church. Mass is a celebration of the power of God transforming us and the whole church. As we say “yes” to God, we are open to the transforming power of God right in our hearts.

Baptized in Christ

On Saturday, February 6th, at St. Francis de Sales SCARLETTE VALERIE NICKLAY was baptized. Congratulations to Corey Nicklay and Robelene Halili Hondel as they bring their daughter into God’s family.






were also baptized. Congratulations to Arturo J. Ortega Sr. & Elsa A. Ortega as they bring their children into God’s family.


RCIA Candidate

Rite of Election & Call to Continuing Conversion for the eastern part of the Diocese was held at Resurrection Church Saturday, February 13. This was the combined Rite for those not Baptized and the Baptized toward Full Communion in the Catholic Church. The Rite ushers in the Season of Lent, a time of Retreat for the Believers with a period of Purification & Enlightenment for those on journey to Easter and Full Communion.

Bishop Quinn welcomed & recognized the Catechumens & the Candidates. The Godparent, Sponsor & Assembly affirmed and prayed for the Elect & Candidates. Kristopher Klinger of St. Francis De Sales is a candidate journeying toward Full Communion at Easter. Continue to encourage and pray for him.