We Are The Children of God

How radical it is for us to call God Father! The implication is that we are not merely human persons, we are children of God. As children we call God “Father,” using the same words Jesus uses in prayer. We are close to God like children being close to parents.

Moreover we share in God’s life. It is a big step that we become one with God.

We are not slaves, for slaves are bound by obligations to the master. We are free human beings and we freely return to God the very love with which we are loved. God loves us first and we return love to him by our way of living. We are not the origin of love. We give what we have first received.

The more we are aware of the fact that love comes from God, the more we see the call to show love and kindness to others.


God is Present in Relationship

In the prayer “Our Father,” Jesus teaches us about relationship. The term “our” in the “Our Father” points to the bonding relationship among ourselves. Gathering individuals together as one unified group is not an easy task. We always find it a challenge to form unity among diversity. No wonder Jesus teaches that God is present in our midst precisely where two or three are gathered together in his name.

The breakup of relationship in family and friendship threatens the nourishing environment for God. In the book of Genesis, Adam’s sons, Cain and Abel, could not co-exist. Cain murdered his brother Abel. This tragedy remains the story of our modern condition. Sin creates the distance among ourselves.

Yet in our Christian living any effort to overcome sin and to build up one another will best bring out the presence of God.


Life with a Purpose

When a person is without a goal for his life or without an intention for his day, his soul is at the mercy of circumstances. We believers must fix on our mind and heart that our final destination is to be with God.

But sadly people do not like to be told. They think that nothing can limit their freedom. For them freedom is a license to do whatever they want. But this is an illusion, because true freedom is present only when we do what is best to our being according to the divine plan. We are most free when we do things that reflect who we are before God.

During the Lenten season we purify our life purpose to make sure that it is for God. That is why in the prayer Our Father we earnestly pray for God’s Kingdom. Every step of our life journey should be a move closer to God.