The Reason for Our Hope

“Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for the reason for your hope (1 Peter 3:15).”

The reason for our hope as Christians is Christ. Jesus Christ is to be proclaimed on the lips of Christians and honored in our speech and conduct every day. There is no way a Christian can communicate their hope in Christ if they never pray daily or go to church on the weekend. If a baptized Christian would simply pray, worship, and love those around them for Christ’s sake, their hope in Him would radiate.

With our hope of salvation found in the risen Christ, each Christian should be able to share their confidence in Christ’s love for them and the truth of His victory over sin and death.

Hopeful Hearts Turn toward Heaven

August 15 is the feast of the Assumption. The Assumption of Mary means Mary is taken up (assumed) into heaven.

Heaven is our true home. The desire for heaven and the fear of hell must be present in our hearts. For us who are lovers of heaven, we go beyond desires and reproduce in our everyday life the virtues that adorned Mary as the most beautiful creature from the hands of God.

One “must have” quality that Mary had was prayer life. Mary treasured all things in her heart. In our own lives we count God’s blessings prayerfully and reflect on them in our hearts. The prayers that we learn at home are often the same prayers which enrich us in life.

As people who long for heaven, we meditate on everyday events which can trigger in us the most sincere prayers. Our journey to heaven must have aspiration from God who continues to give us hopeful outlook on every event in life.


Catholic Charities – Hope Lives Here

Catholic Charities DOW

Catholic Charities is the social service arm of our diocese; serving in the 20 southernmost counties of Minnesota. Catholic Charities provides help and creates hope for families in crisis, vulnerable adults and seniors, and children in need – regardless of age, faith tradition, ethnic background, or ability to pay. We are here for you!

The engaging little girl pictured was served through Catholic Charities and is already giving back – a young humanitarian. Aya’s 60-second story of hope is featured on our homepage. Click here to watch Hope Happen!

Hope Girl

People of Hope

If we believe in God and follow his plan for eternal life, we will find way to a world of infinite possibility. Yet in our own stubbornness and ignorance, we resist God’s plan and the human world sinks deep in its problems. In such hopelessness we even put God to death.

But God is mercy. With mercy God offers us the light of hope in Jesus Christ. In its natural course all earthly existence will end up in death. But God offers us a world of hope that no one else can offer.

With that hope we can engage in “deathlike” situations like helping the poor, assisting the handicapped and being with other “hopeless” people. All human effort will give up the fight for we are exhausted and surrounded with limitations. But for us who have hope in God, we will stand up and work actively for a better world. Only God’s people will continue to shine as beacons of hope in the world today for our God leads us to infinite possibilities.