Silent No More

The March for Life at our nation’s capital on January 27th is still fresh in our minds. People from all over the country came to show their support for the over 60 million babies lost to abortion and to pray for the preborn children that are not safe in their mother’s womb. But there is Good News for those hurting from abortion.

The Silent No More organization released a project called “Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion.” The aim of Shockwaves is to reach out to those impacted by the loss of a child through abortion: parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, abortion workers, and even the abortionists themselves. Do you need resources for healing and help? Do you know of others who may need help?

See for more information.


Healing after Abortion

Yesterday, January 22nd, marked the 44th anniversary of the tragic Roe v. Wade decision which has led to the deaths of over 58 million pre-born babies. For those who have had abortion, God’s mercy and healing is an amazing gift for you and your loved ones.

Healing after Abortion Resources:

The U.S. bishops invite the faithful to participate in 9 Days for Life, January 21-29, an annual period of prayer and action cherishing the gift of life. We are encouraged to “pray, gather, and share” during this novena. Visit the USCCB website for more information.

Abortion Healing Resources

For those who have had abortion, God’s mercy and healing is an amazing gift for you and for your loved ones affected by abortion. For resources and help:

  • Rachel’s Vineyard, or call 877-HOPE-4-ME (877-467-3463)
  • National Hotline for Abortion Recovery: 866-482-LIFE (866-482-5433)
  •  Catholic Charities, or call 800-222-5859. Counseling and support will help you move forward, joyfully renewed and reconciled with yourself, the pre-born child, your family and community, and God.
  •  You can also visit the USCCB Project Rachel website at or call 888-456-HOPE (888-456-4673).
  •  Silent No More at See website for information and resources. The Silent No More Awareness Campaign is a joint project of Anglicans for Life and Priests for Life. For more information, please visit our website.