Life Beautified by Great Love

Although not everyone is called to do great things, everyone has a call to love from God.

Life is like a big puzzle which is made up of many small pieces. Every time we make a decision in life, we either put together those little pieces of life or we tear them apart. Every piece of puzzle offers an opportunity for the makeup of life.

The beauty of life lies in the fact that everyday we do many little things with love. Day in and day out we clean the house, answer the phone, prepare the meals for the family and many other unnamed tasks. We can weave a beautiful piece of fabric or entangle it.

Since the call to love originates from God, the fabric of our life takes on its profound meaning. The great love to which God calls us is to expand the love that we already have. Our humble love is transformed to the great love of God. Every act of self sacrifice manifests the great mystery of God’s love right in our everyday lives. St. Francis and St. Theresa are examples of such people with great love. They do little things with love and they let God beautify their life fabrics.

“We are the clay, you are the potter: We are the work of your hands.” – Isaiah 64:7